Monday, February 2, 2009

Eurolines: BAD branding slogan & tagline

Eurolines is a company that operates buses. When I first came to London from Paris, at the beginning of the year, I was hesitating between the train (Eurostar) and the low cost airline (Easyjet).

Yet I realized that the cheapest form of transport was the bus (especially since you have to ad a lot of extras to the first Easyjet price...which pisses me of more than it makes me feel that I got a good deal). But for the last few years, the media have been banging on these low cost airlines - only they are low cost compared to their direct competitors, not the indirect ones, that is the other forms of transportation.

Yet Eurolines' slogan doesn't help them. It is one of the worst to define their brand. "Pas de frontières entre nous!" can be translated by "No border between us!" : that means that this bus company goes in other countries which from the name one could have guessed anyway.

I would suggest to their marketing team to emphasis the price (especially in recession time). That is the main advantage of the bus (not the borders crossing - especially on Eurolines between Calais and Douver, let me tell you that!). How about "the cheapest way to travel"?