Monday, January 12, 2009

In time of crisis, one of the first budgets to be "sacked" is marketing communication, although smart companies know that it's then that it becomes crucial to communicate - wisely - to stay alive.

One marketing company, Ogilvy, is adapting its communication with this new website. They acknowledge the difficulties of the economy that is on every marketer's mind and offer them to download for free (in exchange of professional details -it's not yet a charity but still a business!) booklets such as "how to get more effective marketing" or "optimising the marketing budget in a recession".

I would have gone one step further than the booklets. I would offer Webinars on the particular subjects in the booklets. It would be more interactive (isn't what branding is all about today?) and more community-like (feels good not to be alone when things get bad). Of course, there is a danger that you don't control all the message like in a booklet...but isn't that one of the risks to accept today to thrive?