Saturday, January 31, 2009

Book review: Le Senior Marketing by Jean-Paul Treguer

This book demonstrates how much Seniors (+50 years old) are attractive as a target (he divides them in 4 different groups, with characteristics for each): they have plenty of money (benefiting from generous retirement pensions in Europe...) and few spending (no more kids to support, mortgage paid...).

What is suprising is the proportion they represent in each product category. They are also very loyal to brands. I was suprised to see research's result show that elderly were open to innovation and testing new products.

Jean-Paul Treguer makes a case that most ads are targeted at the young with beautiful models (to which the Seniors don't relate to) because advertising agencies are full of young employees (by the way the author has his own agency called Senioragency).

He also illustrate with successfull examples: the Avis Senior membership card, the "real" beauty campaign by Dove (to which Seniors could relate to), electric bikes...

Some of his tips are to show them postively (not with all the age related problems) and be realistic. Also to use heros/celebrities from their generations (like my example last April with Audika and Robert Hossein).

I would strongly recommend that you buy the English version of this book to grasp the importance of this growing lucrative market.