Sunday, January 4, 2009

Book review: NUTS by Kevin & Jack Freiberg

What a great book! Nuts by Kevin & Jack Freiberg describes in details what has made Southwest airlines a successful company. It is mostly a book on management but there are a couple of ideas on marketing:

  • To bankrupt SW, a competitor decreased the price of its fare to 13$ . The president of SW then, Mr. Muse, had this great idea : he offered 2 prices: the same as the competitor or the regular price with a bottle of liquor offered. Guess which price the businessmen with expense account chose?

  • From the book, you learn that SW great customer service is thanks to its people, its people & its people. I guess that the marketer who wants great customer service should interest him/herself more with the recruiting process. It should emphasize that it is more who the person is, rather that what the individual knows.
  • SW sponsored Sea World in Texas. To promote the park, they painted a plane like Shamu, the name of the orca show.

  • When San Fransisco was hit with an earthquake in 1989, SW offered to flow helpful donations for free. It flew more material than the Red Cross... Being nice can be great marketing.

  • One marketing execution which I disagree with : SW helped the Ronald McDonald's Foundation, which goal is offer temporary homes for out of town parents who want to be near of their hospitalized kids. McDonald's has not the best of reputations and helping another company's marketing isn't really smart : what else is a foundation named Ronald McDonald's targeting parents?

In this success story, the advertising agencies were GSD&M - rebranded Idea City - and Cramer-Krasselt and the media buying company was Camelot Communications. SW advertising is very direct with a slice of humour.Tags: airline business book, airline marketing ideas, airline marketing, airline business, airline marketing strategy