Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sales promotion examples in retailing

Many retailers are using promotions to survive in these tough economic times. It is a good time to look closer to which promotional tactics are used. I was handed an entire booklet of promotions from "Le Passage du Havre" which is small shopping center in Paris.

1) The Gift
  • A free kit for a purchase of 35€ or more

  • A (unknown/surprised) gift after a 40€ purchase

  • A free naturalistic trip (worth 5€) after a 30€ purchase

  • A snack for the purchase of a big drink

  • A topping for the purchase of 2 ice creams scoops

2) The Discount

  • -10% on the 2nd item purchased

  • 10€ discount after a 40€ purchase

  • Buy a second similar product for 1€ more (glasses)

  • Buy a product and pay the price of the smaller product (chocolat boxes)

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