Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Measuring marketing ROI

According to a new survey conducted by Colman Parkes for Xerox, "around six out of ten CMO (…) agreed that it is difficult to measure the success of each individual component of their marketing." The same amount said that "it is difficult to measure a 360 degree holistic view of all the company's marketing activity".

So if you are a Chief Marketing Officer and you don't know if what you are doing has an impact, you might be reassured to know that you are not alone ;) The bad news is that if you could measure the positive impact of your actions, you could argue for an increase in your marketing budget.

According to the same survey, "measurement systems are at fault" but ironically in these times of recession, when it is more important than ever to invest cleverly, "only half" sees as a trend to "increase marketing measurement".

That really sounds crazy! I guess that the ones that will survive this recession will be the ones who know what they are doing.
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