Sunday, November 16, 2008

Renault attracts prospects in dealerships with a key game

Automakers are going through difficult times but at least one of them is creative. Renault sent me this letter with a car key. It was written that I might have a THE key to one of their 8 Twingo models in play, and invited me to their nearest dealership to check out if I was one of the lucky winners. How better way to make people rush to dealerships?

I also suspect that I am profiled in their database after a first purchase some time ago of a used (a couple of months only...) car at one of their dealership in another city. My name must be flashing in their database as a Renault user with a used car since this is not the cheapest lette to send.

Tags : creative marketing, marketing technique, marketing idea, marketing car, promotional marketing, direct marketing, car industry