Sunday, June 1, 2008

Book review: Swoosch: The Unauthorized Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There

A very detailed (maybe too much) and thick book (+500 pages), it is also an amazing one.

Although now somewhat old - practically twenty years have gone by since the end of the story - it doesn't at all take away the interest of this book.

In it, you will learn the story of how a sportswear empire has been built from scratch. And more important, you will discover the players behind the Swoosh (some chapters concentrate on a character, but it doesn't stop the flow of the story).

Particulary interesting:

- How Nike began as an import business
- How Knight dealt with the Japanese suppliers
- How the company morphed from distributor to owner
- How the Nike brand (worth about billions today) was created
- How they outsmarted their Japanese suppliers - soon to be competitors
- What type of marketing strategy they implemented to take on the world

Personally, I appreciated more the first 330 pages of the book (up to the successful IPO). I found the next 200 pages not as exciting, yet the first part of the book is worth the money!