Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Packaging design: creative and efficient (Tissot)


I had the opportunity to take a picture of this empty box. I must say that I admire the marketing techniques of Tissot.

As we all know, it is easier to ask a customer to buy again, than to convince a prospective customer to buy from Tissot inserted in this package a booklet with most of their watches!

And what better targeting, than the network of their customers. Give them a booklet, they'll sell your watches to their entourage!

In addition, because it is a luxuruous product (meaning an expensive one), Tissot needs to have a powerful branding strategy.

In Europe, most brands emphasis their long existence and attach the brand to that history, trying to build a legend out of their names. That is exactly what Tissot does: if the brand has stood through time, it is because it makes exceptional watches of course...and they have another booklet (with a last page to allow you to order a copy!) in the package with pictures in black and white to spread the word...

Great marketing!