Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Enter for a FREE test... (Audika)


France has an aging population like much of Europe, and one of the businesses that illustrate this change in demographics is "hearing correction" products. Audika (notice the brand name) is one of the leader in France offering such products.

They have the smarts to offer a free test. They use the imperative to tell people to "come in for a free test". It is also true that many people don't dare to test their hearing capabilities because of stereotypes.

They have a weapon for this too! In the middle you might be wondering who the person is. Well it is Robert Hossein who was an actor with his moment of fame a long time ago. Only he is still recognized as a star by his generation, which is now the one having hearing problems among others that age brings.

So Audika got him for cheap, and hit their audience right in the target! GREAT marketing!