Sunday, March 16, 2008

Use your brand as a verb - in moderation (DART)


I have been in Ireland for a week to look for a new job. Unfortunately, the job market has changed since the last time (in 2005) that I went there to do my internship. Which reminded me, that when you see an opportunity, don't wait, grab it! (I shouldn't have waited 2 years to go back to Ireland to look for a job in marketing).

Anyway, while there, I found a couple of interesting marketing material, so you will find a few of my next posts coming from Ireland. Maybe it is the fact that Google's European HQ is based in Dublin, but its local train called DART has decided to inspire itself from the success of the search engine (did you Google it? did you search it?).

You may want to be not to successful or else your brand will be considered a generic name and won't have copyright protection. That is what Xerox is fighting for by advertising with campains such as "you don't Xerox a document...but you photocopy it".